Monday, September 26, 2016

September 27, 2016

Tests and Quizzes:
1.Science Quiz on SYSTEMS  **see quiz details below
CRAFT: Thursday, September 29
LEPAGE: Friday, September 30 
2. Practice A pg.  58  textbook 9/30

Social Studies Test: Florida Studies Weekly Week 5 - Endangered Species. Craft and Mills: test on Tuesday 9/27; LePage: test on Wednesday 9/28

Spelling Test: Unit 5 words Craft and Mills test on Tuesday 9/27; LePage test on Wednesday 9/28


Math: (Craft  ONLY) Ex. 4 pg. 47-48
(Mills ONLY) Ex. 3 pg. 44-46

Spelling: x

Social Studies 
Florida Studies Weekly (FSW) Week 5 (due Tuesday 9/27) - Research and complete this week's Page 3 Question and Page 4 assignments (crossword, Let's Write exercise and any 8 of 11 Think and Review Questions)

Language Arts:  
--Read for AR
-- LePage's homeroom: Practice lines for class play

Spanish: Spanish Project due 9/30
Craft: Saludos y Sentimientos WS due: 9/26
LePage: Saludos y Sentimientos WS due: 9/27 (sheet in Wed. folder)

** Quiz on SYSTEMS: Students will have a list of 6 definitions that they researched in their textbook.  These should be studied.  The definitions don't need to be memorized word for word, but the students need to understand what is found in each of the 4 main systems on the earth (biosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, and the atmosphere), as well as the concept of what a system is.  The quiz will be: CRAFT: Thursday, September 29 LEPAGE: Friday, September 30 MILLS: Wednesday, September 28