Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday January 17, 2017

Tests and Quizzes:

Math: Practice C pg. 155-156 1/23
Review 5 pg. 157-161 1/24-1/25

Social Studies: Florida Studies Weekly: Weekly Quiz on unit 17 The Civil War - Monday 1/23/17

Spelling: Unit 17 test: Monday 1/23/17


Language Arts:
Read for A.R.
IXL D.1 (4th grade level) mastery or 15 minutes NOT Ms. Craft's class
Ms. Craft's class finish journal entries


Spelling: Page 114 Spelling Connections

Social Studies: Florida Studies Weekly weekly assignments (to be submitted using Pages & Canvas - please see Canvas portal for detailed instruction) - time will also be allotted during class this week for assignments

Science: Waves and currents worksheet due Fri 1/20