Friday, November 18, 2016

November 18, 2016

Tests and Quizzes:

Math: Practice D pg. 105 Textbook on 11/28 (The Monday we are back from break)


Social Studies: 
Science: Study house project rules handout...test LePage Mon 11/28, Mills Tues 11/29,  Craft Wed 11/30


Music: Have all lines and songs memorized by the time you return on November 28th!

Language Arts: 
Read for A.R.

Read the first 5 chapters of The Sign of the Beaver
(Please read it towards the end of break, if possible, so it will be fresh in your mind.)

Have a FUN and SAFE break! or you're in big trouble when you return!! ; )

Math: Model Drawing packet
30 min. Dream Box Green due 11/28


Social Studies