Friday, November 4, 2016

November 3, 2016

Tests and Quizzes:
Science quiz POSTPONED due to so many students being sick last week, now it is: LePage Monday, November 7, and Mills Tuesday, November 8, Craft: Wednesday, November 9: Series and parallel circuits (study guide shows what each are, students must be able to draw a series circuit and a parallel circuit and show the path of electricity)

Math: Practice C pg. 97 Textbook 11/11/16

Language Arts: 
Read for A.R.
Finish journal

Ex. 8 pg. 81-82
30 minutes of Dream Box Green Due: 11/7

Spelling: x

Social Studies:
You may work on Florida Studies Weekly assignments (due Monday 11/7) - note: we will be working on them in class Wednesday and Thursday.

Science: See above